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"Caitlin and Vince have great chemistry and

banter back and forth with the precision of a

Swiss watch... their rapid-fire delivery and

ebullient personalities ensure a fun time

is had by all."

- San Diego Union Tribune


"The final moments between father (Lespérance)  and son

(Vincent Leblanc-Beaudoin)

were twistedly heart-felt."

- Vancouver Presents


"Brown and Leblanc-Beaudoin are both very fun to watch, as they bounce around the small verdant space, especially during well-executed symbolic lifts performed on a large central worktable."

- Now Toronto


"Showing up on stage, bounding with energy,

Vincent and Caitlin lifted the audience up....

Troupers. That’s what these two are. Troupers.

Check them out. You’re sure to giggle,

probably going to guffaw,

and potentially have to fight

down a blush or two."

-Plank Magazine


"Vincent Leblanc-Beaudoin

and Emilie Leclerc

explore multiple layers of fake sincerity,

from the buoyant to the cynical,

and both bring a playful physicality

to their characters."

- Georgia Straight


"the overarching quiet provides a contemplative

and meditative effect through the fascinating performance... a roller-coaster-like, stream-of-consciousness ride through mundane reality and frantic imagination, artistic dreams, and anxious nightmares."

- Intermission Magazine

"Vincent Leblanc-Beaudoin's role as narrator/dancer/actor has been developed beyond the original production, including him in more detailed choreographic moments, entwined sensually at times, and becoming a steamy interlocutor within the action at hand. 


His playful sense of vocal variation, from direct, masculine tones stabilized by a strong declamatory pose toward the audience, to moments of over the shoulder butt-wiggling and cheeky tones of voice, add to the varied degrees and modes of love depicted. Light humour and sultry passion create a through-line for choreographic and theatricalized excellence throughout the overall program."



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