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"Caitlin and Vince have great chemistry and banter back and forth with the precision of a Swiss watch... their rapid-fire delivery and ebullient personalities ensure a fun time is had by all."

- San Diego Union Tribune

"The final moments between father (Lespérance) and son (Vincent Leblanc-Beaudoin) were twistedly heart-felt."

- Mark Robins (Vancouver Presents)

"Brown and Leblanc-Beaudoin are both very fun to watch, as they bounce around the small verdant space, especially during well-executed symbolic lifts performed on a large central worktable."

- Now Toronto

"Vincent Leblanc-Beaudoin and Emilie Leclerc explore multiple layers of fake sincerity, from the buoyant to the cynical, and both bring a playful physicality to their characters."

- Kathleen Oliver (Georgia Straight)

"Vincent Leblanc-Beaudoin's role as narrator/dancer/actor has been developed beyond the original production, including him in more detailed choreographic moments, entwined sensually at times, and becoming a steamy interlocutor within the action at hand. 


His playful sense of vocal variation, from direct, masculine tones stabilized by a strong declamatory pose toward the audience, to moments of over the shoulder butt-wiggling and cheeky tones of voice, add to the varied degrees and modes of love depicted. Light humour and sultry passion create a through-line for choreographic and theatricalized excellence throughout the overall program."



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